segunda-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2009

Blue Guild

My new project envolves clearing all raid content in Blue gear. Why do i do it? Because i'm not a social and i don't have to prove anything to anyone. For that reason, i'll prove to everyone that it is possible to clear Naxx, ToC and ICC weaing only blue gear. And some purples. And some enchants and gems and profession bonuses.

NOTE: I'm not doing it just to waste my money. I mean, some can buy useless Traverler's Mamooth, which serves no other purpose other than carrying the owner, two friends and two vendors. No. I don't waste money on things i can use. I waste my money and time with things that show socials that gear is not important.

Get it? Gear is not so important! Guess you didn't know that, hm?

So, in short: this is my way of socializing. If we wear all the same color i'll go naked and feel anti-social.

My next project will be to clear all raid content using only a Christmas hat. I won't blog about it nor i'll brag about it. No, that would be social.

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