sexta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2009

It's ok to give money

It's ok to give money to the poor people if i'm the one giving it. As we all know, people who transfer or make an alt on a different server cannot take some money with them so i'm the only source of income they have. It's a kind of goblin walfare and i would be fighting it in my super powerful blog if i wasn't the one giving the walfare.

I'm that stupid, yes, but at least i'm not social.

Also, one thing is give money. Other is giving a blue BoE, which is money in gear form and cannot be given. Only sold.

I'm so not coherent.

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  1. This. I found Gevlon's post on blue BoEs quite incomprehensible, even for Gevlon.
    I have found your few posts made so far quite funny. Please keep it up.

    A social