segunda-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2010

Picture time!

Posting pictures or screenshots is clearly a social thing. I won't do that, ever, except for bragging about me and my ANTI-SOCIAL GUILD finishing Naxxramas using only socks and panties. Blue ones. Those are valid but only if they come from me, because i'm, as you know, anti-social in the heart, lungs and liver.

BTW, i'm thinking in getting the title Undying, because it will boost my ego and show everyone that we can clear Naxxramas without any wipes. The title itself is worth nothing but it will hit the socials in the face and i can brag on how about anti-social i am after doing such a social thing. It will drive them nuts.


segunda-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2009

Blue Guild

My new project envolves clearing all raid content in Blue gear. Why do i do it? Because i'm not a social and i don't have to prove anything to anyone. For that reason, i'll prove to everyone that it is possible to clear Naxx, ToC and ICC weaing only blue gear. And some purples. And some enchants and gems and profession bonuses.

NOTE: I'm not doing it just to waste my money. I mean, some can buy useless Traverler's Mamooth, which serves no other purpose other than carrying the owner, two friends and two vendors. No. I don't waste money on things i can use. I waste my money and time with things that show socials that gear is not important.

Get it? Gear is not so important! Guess you didn't know that, hm?

So, in short: this is my way of socializing. If we wear all the same color i'll go naked and feel anti-social.

My next project will be to clear all raid content using only a Christmas hat. I won't blog about it nor i'll brag about it. No, that would be social.

sexta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2009

It's ok to give money

It's ok to give money to the poor people if i'm the one giving it. As we all know, people who transfer or make an alt on a different server cannot take some money with them so i'm the only source of income they have. It's a kind of goblin walfare and i would be fighting it in my super powerful blog if i wasn't the one giving the walfare.

I'm that stupid, yes, but at least i'm not social.

Also, one thing is give money. Other is giving a blue BoE, which is money in gear form and cannot be given. Only sold.

I'm so not coherent.

Why don't i play Dragon Age?

I could play a single player game, like Dragon Age, where i could make money and control all my party members so they could do exactly what i want them to do. But i do not play single player games because i'm anti-social and the only way a anti-social person can exist is living among the people he hates.

I hate myself.

quinta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2009


I was trying to sell a banana to an hungry kid when the litte bastard kicked me in my imported balls and ran away. While i was lying on the ground the following questions crossed my mind:

1. If i am anti-social why do i have a blog?
2. If i am anti-social why do i play a MMORPG?
3. If i am anti-social why do i have a girlfriend?
4. If i am anti-social why do i have to say it?
5. If i am anti-social why do i want to raid?
6. If i am anti-social why do i comment on other's blogs?
7. If i am anti-social why do i want to make money and brag about it?
8. If i am anti-social why do i keep wasting my resources trying to prove the socials wrong?
9. If i am anti-social why do i live in a society and not in a cave?


New record

I've reached the zero (0) followers today. I would be happy but that's a social thing. I plan to stay this way and i'm not even posting this on the Internet because i don't have such needs. This will be my secret diary and i'll sell it after i'm dead and make money with it.

I'm that good.

By the way, did you know i have a secret stash that will last for 3 centuries hidden under my bed? When the world collapses, as i predicted it, and money is more valluable than food i'll be eating coins while you'll be begging for potatoes.